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love your photos
Duane Gillam(non-registered)
There great photos Brian you have a good eye and Obvious talent.
Henrry Herdmy(non-registered)
You are great photographer and all pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing
Movin Kelly(non-registered)
You are an amazing photographer. Thanks for sharing
Ryan Collins(non-registered)

I am no expert on the art of photography (though I dabble from time to time), but it appears to me that you have a very good eye for it. I am impressed by the skill you have showcased in your portfolio. I particularly liked the "Lonesome Prarie" gallery.

I am so proud of you for never letting go of your dream, and I am inspired that you made the decision to achieve it at a time in your life that many people may have given up on it. You are living proof that it is never too late to accomplish what you want most out of life.

Good luck with everything, though I suspect you will not need it!

Judy (Collins) Hynes(non-registered)
Congratulations on the great your photos, especially the landscapes! Would love to see some of St Kyran's! All the best to you in your new career .


Kate Tompkins(non-registered)
I am especially impressed with your portraits, Just stunning,
Mary Cahill(non-registered)
Congratulations my friend, a dream come true for you! I know you have loved this art for many years...I' m so delighted to see you have followed it to this end. What great photography---love what I see here.
Susan Kielly(non-registered)
You're photos are beautiful! You have a great eye! I especially like the photos in the Fine Art Gallery and the food photos.
Al Misner(non-registered)
Brian...I have been following your efforts over the past months and am very impressed with the calibre of your images...well done and good luck.
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